Hong Kong

PDP Ordinance 

The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Hong Kong)

One of the longest standing comprehensive data protection laws based on OECD Privacy Guidelines 1980 to ensure an adequate level of data protection to retain its status as an international trading centre and give effect to human rights treaty obligations.

  • Clear framework (''Data Protection Principles'' or DPP) and dedicated data privacy office

  • DPP1: Lawful purpose for collection

  • DPP2: Data accuracy and only for intended use 

  • DPP3: Prohibits the use of personal data for any new purpose unless consent is received 

  • DPP4: Data users take all practicable steps to protect the personal data

  • DPP5: Ensure openness of their personal data policies and practices

  • DPP6: Data subject right to access and correction of their own personal data

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