Data Protection Audit

Data Protection Audit Area


01. Data Privacy Policy

Whether a set of relevant data privacy policy has been in place that meets all of the relevant legal needs and addresses operational risks.


04. Data Privacy Impact Assessment & Operations

Whether the firm’s operational procedures are consistent with the data privacy policy, and meet its operational risk management objectives.


07. Breach Management

Whether there is a set of program to manage data privacy incidents or related breaches effectively


10. Managing Third Party Risks

Whether the firm has contracts and agreements with third-parties and affiliates that consistent with the data privacy policy.


02. Governance Structure​

Whether there are individuals responsible and accountable for the firm’s data privacy, and have a set of management reporting procedures.


05. Monitor Operational Practices

Whether the firm is monitoring its operational practices implementations, and if they are complying to relevant laws.


08. Training & Awareness Program

Whether ongoing trainings are in place to promote related compliance and mitigate operational risk.


11. Monitoring Data Handling Practices

Whether a data privacy notice is available that details the firm’s personal data handling policies.


03. Personal Data Inventory

Whether there is an inventory of key personal data storage with defined classes of personal data.


06. Procedures for Inquiries & Complaints

Whether there are effective procedures in place for individuals to raise personal data inquiries or complaints.


09. Managing Information Security Risks

Whether the firm has maintained an information security program based on legal requirements and ongoing risk assessments.


12. Tracking External Requirements

Whether the firm has mechanism to regularly review new compliance requirements, expectations, and best practices.

Our standard approach – Data Protection Audit

Sia Partners has extensive experience in assisting clients to enforce and promote compliance with data privacy. For instance, audit has a key role to play in educating and assisting organisations to meet their obligations. As such, Sia Partners has developed a risk-based approach and consensual audit services across various sectors to assess their processing of personal data and to provide practical advice and recommendations to assist our clients to deal with data privacy related issues.

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Estimated Duration: 4 – 6 weeks (depend on the interview and material collection arrangement)

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